Let’s face it, we all have days where we are probably not quite as prepared as we should be. Things don’t always go quite according to plan. You end up with nothing in for your meal plan and don’t want to fall into the take away trap or buying something less than ideal from the supermarket or local “Greggs” style take-a-away. Here is a  very quick high protein meal ideas that may just save you. The GSN pulled meat pouches are the perfect meal rescue that you can keep in your freezer for exactly this kind of situation. Perfectly flavoured and as usual perfectly prepared.

This is handy to take to work and just as quick to have at home. This can be made with whichever pasta you prefer. I personally use Rizopia brown rice pasta as it is wheat and gluten free and it suits my diet. You could increase the protein value by using Dr Zaks protein pasta too.

Cook your pasta in a saucepan as instructed and simultaneously cook your pork pouch in the microwave as instructed.
Once ready drain your pasta and pour into you pot or bowl. Add your pork and mix together thoroughly. Could it be any simpler?